Mesa Arts Center Class Information

General Information: Classes at Mesa Arts Center are available during three sessions through the year: Winter, Summer, Fall. Registration begins about a month before each session begins and continues through the session. Workshop are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. Classes may be refunded/exchanged up to the first day of class. Cash purchases must be refunded by check. The City of Mesa will cut and mail a physical check within 2 weeks.

Studio Access: Studios at the Mesa Arts Center can only be accessed while an instructor is present. There is NO ADMISSION without a present instructor. If a student needs to pick something up in a studio they must make arrangements with their instructor before hand.

FAQs: Below find some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Class Registration:

  1. When will I receive a materials list/syllabus?
    1. Generally, you will receive the materials list and syllabus the first day of classes.  If the instructor wishes for you to have supplies the first day of class, they will email the list.  It is important to get an email address for each student.
  2. Are there additional costs for the class?
    1. Additional costs are usually listed in the class description.  If you are concerned about a specific class, please call and ask for the instructor’s email address.
  3. Are there refunds on classes?
    1. We issue refunds on classes before the class starts, or if you do not like the class/it’s not what you were looking for, we will issue a refund after the 1st class.  The exception to this rule is workshops-all workshop sales are final.
  4. Class cancellations?
    1. If a class is cancelled, we will either refund the in the same payment form as when originally registered (cash will be returned by check or you may opt for a gift certificate), or you can exchange into a different class.  The exception to the refund rule is if the class was $25.00 or less, then the refund is provided onto a Gift Certificate.
  5. Will I be contacted before the first class?
    1. Only if the instructor has specific instructions you need prior to the first class, or materials you need to bring to the first class.
  6. Instructor Contact?
    1. We will only provide instructor email address.  For this information please call 480-644-6520.
  7. Patrons may not use multiple discounts such as, 10% Member and 10% Early Bird.
  8. Early Bird promo codes are not applicable to Youth  Classes or Camps.
  • Fee Assistance can be used for 1 class per SEASON (1. Summer 2. Fall/Winter 3.Winter/Spring) per person listed on the application. Not applicable to Workshops, Private Lessons or Youth Camp.
  • Once someone is approved for Fee Assistance the approval last for 1 year.
  • Only applicable to Mesa city residents.
  • When applying for fee assistance, be certain to include proof of residency and proof of all household income.
  • A link to the fee assistance application is under "info and downloadable class catalogue" on main home page.